Easy! You can install Heimdal just as any other prestashop module

1) Download Heimdal APM and access to your Prestashop administration console

* Please ensure that a file «heimdalapm-prestashop.zip» has been downloaded. Some browsers could unzip it automatically! If it is your case, please zip again the downloaded «heimdalapm» folder into «heimdalapm-prestashop.zip»

2) Access to the MODULES section in the left menu

3) Click on "Add a new module" (top right section)

4) Select our installer package that you just downloaded ("heimdalapm.zip")

5)Look for "Vikinguard" in the modules list (ensure that the filter is showing "Installed&Not Installed) and click on "Install" ... and Vikinguard will be installed!

And now let's to configure it!

6) Introduce your mail and click on "Send!"

7) Check the content of the different fields, introduce your password, review and accept the Terms of Service... and click on "Sign Up" !

8) Access to "HEIMDAL APM DASHBOARD" on the left menu of your Prestashop console... and that's it! We promised you it would be easy!

And remember that you can always access your Heimdal Dashboard from any device and directly from the web at https://www.heimdalapm.com/heimdal/