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Vikinguard was born to make life easier to those modern heroes, the SME entrepreneurs, that like the viking god Heimdal, must look all day long for their world: their e-commerce site.



Vikinguard is an innovative application that monitors 24×7 your e-commerce site. It will provide you with access to an online and private website containing statistics about your e-commerce site, as availability, response times from your end users real experience, geografical acceses, active testing of the main parts of your site …



Create active probes to proactively monitor the availability and response time of your e-commerce site. Do not wait for your end users to suffer issues in your e-commerce site, be advised before anyone can feel your e-commerce site degradation.


Configure alarms to be received by email if:

- The response time of any of your e-commerce site pages is higher than your expected maximum response time, for any of your end users or in average for a group of them.

- Any of your e-commerce site pages is not available at any time.

Vikinguard will be increasing his super-powers soon

keep you posted about our short term new features or let us know what Heimdal APM should do for your e-commerce site in the near future.

Keep us informed about the new functionalities that you would like to have available in the new Vikinguard versions.

Our Team

Vikinguard’s team is composed by a group of entrepreneurs with an extensive experience in both big multinational corporations and small enterprises.


One day they realized that application performance monitoring solutions were only available for big enterprises that were able to pay huge amounts of money for them. However, small and medium e-commerce businesses could not afford to pay for these solutions (even if such solutions were also very important for their business). And that was putting them in a difficult situation to compete in their e-commerce market…

That day, Heimdal was born!!


Juan Mahillo

Before cofounding Lucierna in 2009 (Lucierna was the first South-European APM solution, named by Gartner as 2012 APM cool vendor and included in their 2014 magic quadrant solution), Juan worked in leading multinational firms as HP and CA. He led the Product Management and the product development team in Lucierna APM from 2009 until it was sold to SmartBear, an Insight Partners’ company, in 2014.


Jorge Hernández

Jorge has worked all his life in an Application and Network Performance Management (APM-NPM) world leading Software vendor, where his last role was the EMEA Sales Director. He has an active compromise with the start-up creation, being shareholder and advisor of two Spanish bio-technological startups that he helped to launch into the market.


Javier Pereira

Javier has been involved in different successful start-ups since an early stage, leading several developments teams and designing highly performance architectures (Optimtyth – the static code analysis world leader-, Lucierna – where he met Juan – and Darwinex – on-line trading services -).


Parque Científico de Madrid

CLAID building

Campus de Cantoblanco

Calle Faraday, 7

28049 Madrid

Mail: info@vikinguard.com

Teléfono: +34 617 730 591


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